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Yahoo Store Testimonials

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ioVista is a strong e-commerce partner. In addition to providing very personal support, ioVista was patient and diligent to work through even the smallest details of our project.

Brandon Wimberly

Mike is an incredibly talented and creative designer. He has a very strong work ethic, works very hard, is very dedicated to his work and is very honest. His strengths lie in the ability to listen to customer requirements and design needs and to develop those business requirements into an amazing design. His attention to detail, style and creative art is great. As a technical expert, he knows all of the technical tools in depth and is able to quickly learn new tools. I highly recommend Mike and His team at ioVista.

Harold Mitchell

We recently had ioVista give our website a facelift. We started off with a generic, cookie cutter, Yahoo layout that looked common with many of the websites out there. But after working with ioVista, our site has the look and feel of an upscale site! Check it out for yourself! We gave them our general thoughts on the graphics and their graphics department took it to another level. Then, once the appearance was decided and a couple of email exchanges, and "Poof" the functional aspect of the site was done. Even after the site was "Done" and we needed some tweaks and changes, they responded quickly without trying to add additional charges. Initially, we were hesitant to do the facelift, but now, we love the look, and our sales have increased too. The facelift paid for itself!

Mike Costello

When we were planning our retail website, at the time Yahoo seem to be the best fit for our business. However, after looking at their design capabilities, their cookie-cutter templates were very limiting and we could not implement our vision. We needed a website that presented our product in a clean, slick way, but building our website from scratch was not feasible at the time due to our new company’s limited financial resources. ioVista solved this problem. They managed to bypass Yahoo Stores cookie-cutter templates and build exactly what we were looking for at a price tag that fitted our budget.

Louis Viggio

It was a pleasure working with Mike Patel at ioVista, he cater to all my needs with excellent communication and service. I will highly recommend ioVista for all SEO, Web needs. Our sales were a direct reflection of the work that was done, at this time it has been doubled. We are very excited with any new projects with ioVista, working with them has shown great return on investment.

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